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Saturday, June 2, 2007

New York and New Jersey

On Tuesday, May 22 through Sunday, May 27, we were in New Jersey. We visited our cousins, who live in Mountain Lakes, NJ. We also took two day trips to New York. Both days we bought half price tickets to Broadway shows. On Thursday we saw Beauty and the Beast, and on Friday we saw Curtains. Curtains is a murder mystery musical about several murders that happen on the set of a failing show. Besides seeing the shows, we also went to the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. We even went on the ferris wheel inside Toys 'r Us on Times Square, the largest toy store in at least the US, if not the whole world.
Some of my thoughts about that week:

  • Times Square has so many ads that you can't see the buildings
  • I didn't go to the top of the Empire State Bulding because I'm afraid of heights, but then I realized that all the other buildings are so tall that it wouldn't seem as tall as it really is. (I still didn't go)
  • I bought a container of mints that said I Love NY. The I love NY was a sticker.
  • We went down a hotel elevator from the 45 floor to the first without stopping. It took about one minute.
  • We pushed two smartcarts and each carried one or two bags in order to carry all 18 of our bags.
  • Lip gloss is considered a liquid in airport security, so I had to put it in a bag.
  • There were birds in our hotel lobby, as well as two or three fountains and about a hundred plants.
  • Never go on a bus tour of NY. They're expensive and not that great.
  • Doing homework is hard without a textbook or a lesson.
  • There's a police officer on just about every street corner in NY.
  • We saw the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. He plays a guitar and sings on a street in his underwear. (He's also in some kind of Ripley's book, according to Thomas.)

That's all folks!


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