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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bellman's Day

Today is Bellman's Day in Hungerford. A bellman is a person who spreads town news. They go to a corner, ring a bell, and yell the news. Then they move on to the next corner. One of Hungerford's bellmans has been doing it for 50 years and that's some kind of record (I heard that it was the all-time English record, but how true does that sound?). Anyways there's a big fair and its all celebrating him. In 15 min there's going to be a competition between them to see who's the best. There's also a calliope* that has been playing all day and is really getting on my nerves, especially since it's right across the street from the hotel. I see a bellman going out with his bell, let me listen for a second. They have these really fancy odd-looking uniforms. The Hungerford website (http://www.hungerford.uk.net/index.php) has some pictures of the bellman. I wonder if they'll let the celebrated bellman win or if another one will.

*A calliope is an organ like at a travelling circus. I think they used to be in wagons, but ours is in what looks like a Coke truck without the logo. Also, all the songs its playing are American (including Stars and Stripes Forever).


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