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Friday, June 15, 2007

Stonehenge and Kenilworth Castle

Thoughts about Stonehenge: (Friday, June 1)

  • It's smaller than it looks.
  • There's an audio tour that takes like a half hour, so you don't just look at it and go.
  • They had cross-stitch at the gift shop!
  • It was 4 pounds ($8) for a keychain, so I didn't get it.
  • We went for my dad's 40th birthday so that he could say, "Look at me, I'm not old!" compared to Stonehenge.

Thoughts about Kenilworth Castle: (Sunday, June 3)

  • We went on the last day that they had a "living villiage," which means all the villiagers talk about what they do for work.
  • There were also some plays and a skittles (bowling) tournament.
  • Each villager had many samples of his or her work.
  • We got ice cream!
  • It looked like there were a lot of families being Medieval people together since we kept seeing little girls running around.


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